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The Ames Code

Our Foundation: The Ames Code

The guiding foundations for the activities, programs, and objectives of Ames Christian University are laid out in the Ames Code. Every decision about processes, resources, and strategies is based on the contribution it makes to fulfilling the obligations articulated by the Ames Code.

While the Ames Code is expressed as a set of expectations about students and graduates, its fulfillment is an obligation of the university. The Ames Code acts as a constitution governing the school and its activities.

Every degree program and concentration, every course, every assignment, every interaction with a learner is to be developed in light of the Ames Code. Ames Christian University's ongoing self-assessment measures will evaluate the degree to which the Ames Code guides the institution's behavior.

Statement of the Ames Code:

    Ames Christian University graduates are expected to be ready to:

       Work effectively;
       Reach out beyond themselves;
       Live confidently in the certainty of their faith.

Foundations of the Ames Code
The Ames Code springs from the following notions:

    Principles of Effective Work
    The quality of human output is determined by the combination of skill and attitude brought to the task. While training in the skills component of work has been pursued with some vigor by many in the education community, effective work depends as much on attitude attributes as on skill.

    The attitude attributes of effective work are constant and influence the quality of one's output no matter the career or vocation. They are in force whether one spends a career in the single vocation for which they have trained, or whether one finds that life takes them into a previously unforeseen vocation.

    The attitude attributes of effective work include:

      Imagination (An Innovative Spirit)

    The Obligation to Reach Out
    Christians are told by their Lord and Teacher that His priority will be to "go into the world," to "preach the gospel," and to "make disciples." Every Christian is compelled to reach beyond themselves and their immediate surroundings to spread the faith.

    Every Christian's "talents" are to be at the disposal of the Master. Christians are to so arrange their lives that the product of their work, the fruit of their creativity, and the bounty of their efforts directly benefit the Kingdom of God. They are to act as Jesus acted, to carry out His mission of love and light.

    In so doing, Christians are charged with making the world a better, brighter, more beautiful place. They are duty-bound to redeem the times, with the understanding that God will use their work to redeem humanity.

    Christians are fundamentally charged with improving the lot of their neighbors, their nations, and their succeeding generations. They are to reach beyond themselves to make a lasting mark not for their own good, but to the credit of their Creator.

    Confidence in the Abundant Life
    To live with confidence is to be certain of the truth, to be sure that one's daily, practical faith is rooted, not in an ancient mystical fable, but in fact. To live with confidence is to know that, having been tested, the foundational principles of one's existence are secure and right.

    To live with confidence, the Christian must understand the intellectual framework of the historic faith. To live with confidence, the Christian must apprehend the nature of truth and know why some things are demonstrably true and some are just as certainly false. In the face of uncertainty and even persecution, the Christian must hold fast, knowing that the Christ-based faith system is true.

    To live with confidence is also to live in abundance, encouraged by the certainty of the presence and care of the living God.

    All People Are Created Equal
    Ames Christian University is abidingly committed to the principle of equality and therefore strongly supports nondiscrimination in all of its operations. Ames Christian University does not practice discrimination in its admission, employment, administrative, or academic policies on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, marital status, national origin, physical disability, veteran's status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable local, state, or federal law. Inquiries about this policy should be directed to the Office of the President.

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