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About Ames Christian University

Relevant Christian Education
Ames Christian University is a degree-granting Christian liberal arts institution based in Naples, Florida, USA. A non-profit organiztation, Ames Christian University is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We prepare learners to serve the Body of Christ through Bachelors and Masters degree programs. Our mission is to prepare Christians to work effectively, reach out with the Gospel, and live confidently in Christian service.

As a Christian institution, Ames Christian has a special responsibility to prepare its graduates to engage the secular culture with intellectual vigor, practical relevance, gentleness and respect. It does so with an academic learning program created from the highest standards of traditional liberal education, within a framework of biblical authority.

The Ames Christian Curriculum
Based on a concept we call " The Great Ideas," every Ames Christian University degree program provides learners with the tools needed to live confidently in modern culture, to share faith effectively, and to work productively in God's kingdom.

As an Ames Christian University learner, expect to be challenged intellectually by a rigorous curriculum, by high standards of accomplishment, and by excellent faculty members.

We believe that a Christian should have a reason for the hope that is within them. We believe that hope is grounded in the most profound truths of all time. And we believe that thinking Christians will be most effective in ministry, in service, and in vocations that serve the Lord.

The Ames Christian Community
Ames Christian University makes its programs available to learners worldwide online in our unique online virtual classrooms.

So you can expect to have classmates from all corners of the planet, and from right down the street. And long after your Ames Christian courses are complete, you will cherish the friendships you develop in your Ames Christian courses.

The Ames Christian Faculty
Faculty members chosen to teach Ames Christian University courses must possess three crucial characteristics: an abiding Christian faith, a deep commitment to applying God's word to the real world in which we live, and appropriate preparation in their academic discipline.

You will find that your Ames instructors will become mentors and guides who support you as you learn. We demand a lot from them. They will demand a lot from you. And as a result, you will accomplish things you did not know you could do.

Learn More Now
Learn about the
Ames Code, which outlines our objectives as an institution. Learn about our statement of doctrine. Learn about our reasonable tuition. And learn more about our authority to grant real degrees.

Finally, please contact our Admissions Office, so that we may answer questions you might have.


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