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Admission Policies: How to Enroll in Ames Christian University

Admission to Ames Christian University is the first step to earning your degree and preparing for Christian service.

Admission Requirements
We have developed a very interactive admission process that will help both of us document your admission, and will help you clearly define a path to your degree.

To maintain academic integrity, we have established admission requirements for each degree level. These requirements are designed to help insure your success as an Ames Christian student, even before you begin.

The Ames Christian Enrollment Process
Enrollment in Ames Christian University is a three step process.

Step 1: Complete and Submit an Application for Admission
Simply complete and submit the appropriate application for an Undergraduate (
online or printable) or Graduate (online or printed) program along with the application fee, and arrange for all appropriate transcripts to be sent to our administrative office. For graduate programs, you'll also need two letters of recommendation and a written personal statement.

Step 2: Complete a Personal Learning Portfolio (Optional)
Your Personal Learning Profile is a complete history of your work and life experience, with an emphasis on the learning you have accumulated in the process.

Our comprehensive process will walk you step-by-step through your life's learning and will help you document the extensive knowledge you have gained.

Once we receive your Personal Learning Portfolio, we will assess it and either 1.) award credit for your life and work experience or 2.) arrange for testing to document the credit you deserve.

By policy, your Personal Learning Portfolio credit may total no more than 30% of the hours needed for your degree.

Step 3: File Your Degree Completion Plan
We will work with you to assemble a plan that defines exactly which courses and requirements you need to complete to finish your degree. Your Degree Completion Plan will reflect the courses in your chosen degree, and any transfer or Personal Learning Portfolio credit you may have earned.

As an Ames Christian University student, you have the right to amend and change your Degree Completion Plan at your discretion. We place no limits on the number of times or the type of changes you make.

Please feel free to email us with questions about the admission process.


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