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MLA Courses

The Online Master of Liberal Arts Courses

Courses in the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program are devoted to the study of biblical truth in light of contemporary issues and ideas. In the tradition of the "Great Ideas" curriculum, MLA courses cause learners to encounter the very best thinking in the subject areas with which the program deals: Humanities, arts, social sciences, and science and culture.

Humanities Courses

HUM 5145 Philosophy of Logic  (3 Credit Hours)
Entails a thorough study of traditional (Aristotelian) logic, propositional logic, induction, informal fallacies, and scientific method. Topics to be discussed include: use and misuse of statistics, tools of basic economic analysis, memory training, fundamental principles of formal deductive reasoning, and rules of argumentation.

PHL 5403: Philosophy of Ethics (3 Credit Hours)
Analysis of the moral and ethical principles of our civilization and consideration of topics such as moral influence, responsibility, the JudaicChristian traditions, humanism, and law and order.

PHL 6520: Philosophy and Religion (3 Credit Hours)
Studies the thought of notable philosophers about religion and its claims. Using significant writings from the past and present, the course will focus on issues such as the grounds for belief in God, the problems of evil, and human destiny.

HUM 6113 Expression and the Human Experience (3 Credit Hours)
Beginning with the advent of the Renaissance, this course traces the intellectual development of beauty as that development is manifested in architecture, literature, music, painting, philosophy, political theory and sculpture.

Arts Courses

HUM 5410 Film As Art  (3 Credit Hours)
A survey of film, past and present, with particular emphasis on Expressionism and Realism and how they mirror society. The influence of film and related media on societal development will be considered.

HUM 6516 Studies in Modern Art  (3 Credit Hours)
A chronological survey of major art movements beginning with realism and impressionism. This course traces the development of the avant-garde through such "modern" styles as expressionism, cubism, futurism, dadaism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, pop and op art, and photo realism. Readings about the works of representative artists and critics are stressed.

ART 6338: Classical Art and Architecture (3 Credit Hours)
Surveys the major art forms of the Greek and Roman world from 1500 B.C. to the advent of Christianity. Illustrated lectures will focus on basic concepts expressed in the Greek and Roman primary arts seen in conjunction with literary, philosophical, and historical developments of the times.

MUS 5121 Music as Art   (3 Credit Hours)
The study of music from the past and present, and its impact on our culture. Included is a survey of music from historic periods and the relationship of this art form to other areas of the humanities.

Social Sciences Courses

COM 6131: Persuasion as Communication (3 Credit Hours)
Persuasive communication ideas and issues are discussed, including persuasion and modern mass media, classical foundation of persuasive communication theories, and ethics and persuasion.

COM 5050 Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication  (3 Credits)
A practical approach to communication theory, this course enables learners to understand and apply the principles of communication to organizational encounters. Various strategies for effective communication are provided, including inter- and intra-personal settings. Emphasis is placed on improving communication performance by applying strategies for enhanced communication.

LIT 6301: Shakespeare and Modern Society (3 Credits)
Studies Shakespeare's plays and their application to contemporary issues. Particular attention will be given to Shakespeare's moral concerns and to his dramatic presentation of individuals struggling against forces that thwart their aspirations.

HIS 5423 Foundations of Knowledge in History (3 Credits)
Examines the historian's methodology and the means by which we come to establish historical fact. Considers history as an instructional tool with special emphasis on its varying roles in contemporary societies.

Science and Culture Courses

PHIL 5844 History of Science (3 Credit Hours)
Explores the development of the scientific method and process by which science explains the physical realities of our world. Key developments in the scientific disciplines and their impact on human society are considered. Introduces emerging trends in scientific thought and discovery.

SCI 6319: Astronomy and the Cosmos (3 Credit Hours)
Studies current information and theories concerning earth, moon, sun, planets, stars, pulsars, quasars, black holes, galaxies, and the structure of the universe. Concepts of space and time are considered. The impact of contemporary astronomical discoveries in light of theological principles is explored.

SCI 5911 Psychobiology (3 Credit Hours)
This course examines the biological origins of the differences between women and men. Scientific evidence for varying male and female roles in human society is explored. Cultural considerations and their impact on primal human nature are evaluated.

SCI 6700 The Origins of Life (3 Credit Hours)
Studies the varying claims for the origin of biological life on earth, focusing on the debate classically considered to be between "creationism" and "evolution." The scientific evidence for each general position is rigorously evaluated.

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