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Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) Degree Requirements
(in cooperation with Ames Bible College)

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies combines a broad study of the bible with a focused major concentration in an area of Christian vocation. In every Bachelor of Biblical Studies course, learners will encounter Biblical knowledge and personal applications.



Module I: Intro to Biblical Studies (delivered by Ames Bible College)


Module II: Biblical Studies-Personal (delivered by Ames Bible College)


Module III: Biblical Studies-Community (delivered by Ames Bible College)


Module IV: Biblical Studies-Special Studies (delivered by Ames Bible College)
(May be substituted for ACU courses, Personal Learning Portfolio or Transfer Courses)


Christian Doctrine

History of Theology
Philosophy of Evangelism
Moral Philosophy
Skeptic's Approach to Faith  Eschatology & Prophecy     Spiritual Warfare
The Music of Faith
Great Christian Art I
Great Christian Art II   Christianity in the Modern Media 
Communicating Christian


Christian Service

Pauline Evangelism
Communicating Christian Faith
Preaching the Word
Church Planting 
Case Studies: Radical Evangelism
Urban Ministry
Ministering to the Broken
Legal Issues in Ministry
Organizing Youth Ministry
A Study of Timothy
Strategies for Youth Evangelism  

Christian Education

Society and Education
Child Development & Learning
Adolescent Development & Learning
Learning Disabilities & Exceptional Children
Curriculum Development
Integrating Curriculum & Technology
Classroom Management & Discipline
Methods & Materials: Art & Music
Methods & Materials: Math & Science
Methods & Materials: Soc. Studies & Lan. Arts
Faith  Reading Preparation


Total Credit Hours for the Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree




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