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Digital Media Ministry

Digital Media Ministry
(Courses Begin: Fall 2004)
Courses in the Digital Media Ministry Program

Program Description
The Digital Media Ministry program is a sequence of 11 courses (33 credit hours) that result in a degree major in Digital Media Ministry. The major can be applied to either the Bachelor of Christian Arts (BCA) or the Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) program.

About the Program
The Digital Media Ministry program prepares students to use digital tools to participate in the most powerful communication movement ever: digital media.

The most compelling messages in our society are generated by our ability to use tools to tell stories. Students in the Digital Media Ministry program learn to use powerful computer and communication tools to touch the world with God's message of Good News.

The essential premise of the Digital Media Ministry program is that powerful media messages can be created using creativity and an inexpensive suite of media tools. Students apply their talent, creativity, and their own inexpensive tools to craft messages that convey God's love.

All courses are facilitated online via the Ames Christian University Virtual Classroom system.

Who Should Join
Students who wish to use their creative talents and capabilities to touch hearts with digital media will enjoy the Digital Media Ministry program.

Prepares Students To Serve
The Digital Media Ministry prepares students to create and distribute messages via digital media, including music, film, electronic games, and multimedia.

Program Structure
The Digital Media Ministry program is built around two core requirements and four specialty subject areas. The core requirements are fulfilled by completing two courses: The Storyteller's Craft and The Artist's Domain. These two courses convey the essence of forming and delivering a powerful message

The four specialty subject areas include: Music, Film and Video, Web and Multimedia, and Games and Wireless Applications. Students take 9 total courses from these subject areas, including at least one course from two or more areas.

Unique Components
Students work with faculty members to develop the subject area mix for their programs. All students take the two core courses, but may then either specialize in a particular application (Music, Film, Web and Multimedia, or Games and Wireless Applications); or they may take a variety of courses, making selections from the groups' offerings.

All courses are offered online only. Students must either own or have access to the computer, software, Internet connection and media tools required to complete their study programs. Costs of these items are the responsibility of each student.

Courses in the Digital Media Ministry Program


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