Ames Christian University

Transfer Credit Request Form
Please use this form to request transfer credit for courses you take in pursuit of your Ames Christian University degree.

To use this form, just print it out, complete it and either fax or send it to us. We will match it with the Official Transcript from the institution at which you take the course and issue credit against your Degree Plan.

Transfer Approval Request Instructions: Before enrolling in a course to be used for transfer, complete the student, course, and degree portions and attach a copy of the course description from the school's catalog or Web site (if using a Web site, provide the exact URL).

Date: __________

Student Name

Student Address

City    State  Zip

Student ID Number  

I plan to enroll in the following course and transfer the credit back to Ames Christian University.

______________  _________________________________
Course Number  Course Name

Institution (From which I plan to take the course)

Course Description (Attached) from: Course Catalog: ___

Web site (URL): ___________________

My degree information:

___________________ Degree Level (Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral)

__________________________________ Major or Concentration

This course ______ is ______ is not included on my Ames Christian Degree Plan.

Certification Information (To be completed by Ames Christian University)

This course is ____ is not____ accepted for transfer to Ames Christian.

It will count  for ____ credits toward the degree requirements for the degree noted above.


It will replace (or fulfill the concentration requirements for) ______________ in the degree requirements for the degree listed above.


Certifying Official: I certify that I am authorized to accept this transfer credit as noted above.

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