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Bachelor's Degrees
Ames Christian University Bachelor's degrees are 120 credit-hour programs.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) Degree Program

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) is a Bible degree. It combines an extensive foundation of Bible study with practical applications. It consists of a core of biblical studies and matched with degree concentrations in areas of Christian vocation.

The BBS program is suited to learners who desire to earn a degree by studying the Bible and its applications to life and ministry.

Majors include: 

Ministry Leadership (w/ concentrations in the following: 


Christian Counseling

Youth Ministry

Music Ministry


Pastoral Ministry

Marketplace Ministry  


New Elective Courses

* you do not need to be in a degree program at ACU to register for individual courses

Specialized/Thematic ConcentrationsFor learners who are interested in more specialized concentration areas, please contact ACU for more details about special program proposals.

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