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Ames Christian for Africa

Distance Learning Scholarships for African Learners
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We believe that the 21st century will be the Century of Africa. The seeds of a great spiritual and social revolution have been planted by faithful missionaries. The faithful have become legion.

Material prosperity follows spiritual revival and integrity. Nations and people who honor God are honored by Him. We believe that the key to material prosperity in Africa is education.

The Internet has made it possible for learners in Africa to access education. We believe we are called to make it available to them.

To honor that call, we have established Ames Christian for Africa, a scholarship program for African learners. Ames Christian for Africa will make it possible for a limited number of learners from Africa to pursue Ames Christian University degrees via the Internet at no tuition cost to them.

About Ames Christian For Africa
Ames Christian for Africa springs from our belief that we are called to use the Internet to make education available worldwide. We propose to use the Internet to connect learners and faculty in a specialized degree program.

Learners in the Ames Christian for Africa program will pursue a specialized program of study via the Internet resulting in a Bachelor of Christian Arts degree, with a concentration in Christian Service. Courses and program advisement will be delivered completely online.

Learners will take the program in small online cohort groups, so that they may engage one another as they pursue degrees. Enrollment is limited to five learners per group.

The degree standards for the program are the same as for any Ames Christian University degree. Courses will be formatted around standard Ames Christian goals and objectives.

To be eligible for the Ames Christian for Africa scholarship program, learners must:

    Be legal residents of an African country, residing in that country
    Be academically qualified to study for a Bachelors degree (completed primary and secondary education)
    Desire to pursue an American Bachelors degree diligently
    Be willing to put their degree to use upon graduation
    Have basic Internet and email access

Scholarship recipients must agree to serve in an area of ministry, including workplace and entrepreneurial ministry, upon completion of the program.

Application Process
All applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligible learners will be offered enrollment in the next available startup group.

To apply

    Submit an online application
    Submit an application essay
    Submit 2 letters of reference
    Provide proof of residency

Application Essay: Please submit, via email, a short (500 word) essay addressing the following:

    "My Vision for the Future of My Country"

Letters of Reference: Please have two trusted sources who are not immediate relatives write and send letters of reference. The letters should address the applicant's character, diligence, and intellectual capacity for university study.

Proof of Residency: Please provide at least one document that confirms your country of residence. Documents may be submitted by surface mail, fax, or electronic mail.

Program Details
The Ames Christian for Africa program will be delivered in cooperation with our partner program, the
Ames Bible College. Once enrolled, learners will take a sequence of courses leading to the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.

The program of study will focus on biblical knowledge and personal application. To earn the degree, learners will complete all four Ames Bible College units, plus 33 credit hours (11 courses) with Ames Christian University.

The Ames Christian for Africa scholarship will cover the cost of materials for each Ames Bible College course, and the cost of tuition and materials for courses taken through Ames Christian University.

Text materials and learning resources will be entirely Internet-based and digital whenever possible. This is to reduce cost and transit time.

Please note: This is an Internet-based online program. There is no residency requirement and no travel component. Student visas are not issued, as learners will not need to leave their home countries in order to participate.

We invite interested, eligible learners to apply . Please contact us if you have questions about the program.


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