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Science and Math Courses

CSC 1159 Introduction to Computer Applications  3 Credit Hours
An introduction to computers and their current and future role in society. Involves conceptual introduction and handson experience with data base, spreadsheet, World Wide Web and word processing applications.

CSC 2399 Computer Logic 3 Credit Hours
Students will become familiar with digital computer operations. Students will develop a more thorough understanding of the hardwaresoftware interface. Includes handson experience using various operating system programs.Prerequisite: CSC 1159

CSC 3223 World Wide Web Development  3 Credit Hours
This course will enable learners to apply a basic knowledge of the World Wide Web to creating pages, sites, and business applications. Learners will receive an introduction to page and site creation tools, use and handling of graphics, streaming media, and elements of data publishing. At the end of this course, learners will be able to confidently create and publish an integrated, attractive site for personal or business use.

MATH 1120 Fundamentals of College Math  3 Credit Hours
The introduction and reinforcement of basic mathematical skills. Topics include algebraic techniques, coordinate geometry, functions and their graphs, logarithms and exponential functions. A hand-held calculator is required.

MATH 1613 Algebra I, 3 Credit Hours
Review of fundamentals; linear and quadratic equations; inequalities; functions; simultaneous equations; topics in the theory of equations.

MATH 2160 Algebra II 3 Credit Hours
Intermediate course including work on functions, graphs, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, and operations with exponents and radicals. The solution of word problems is stressed.

MATH 2261 Principles of Statistics I 3 Credit Hours
This course provides an overview of business statistics. Topics include displaying data in tables and graphs, describing data with numerical measures, concepts of probability related to discrete and continuous probability distributions, and sampling distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing.

PHSC 1001 Introduction to Physical Science  3 Credit Hours
An introduction to the scientific foundations of the physical world. This course provides an overview of the physical concepts and processes that govern  the world around us.

PSY 1101 Introduction to Personal Wellness  3 Credit Hours
Introduction of the dynamics of adjustment and personality, motivation and emotion;  overview of clinical and organizational psychology.

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