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Youth Pastor Courses

BIBL 2355 Survey of the Bible 3 Credit Hours
An overview of the Bible as a source of historical, spiritual, moral, and intellectual literature. This course traces the development of the Bible as a document and provides an introduction to the major characters, events, and themes of the Christian scripture.

BIBL 3355 Survey of the Old Testament 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: BIBL 2355
This course presents the biblical Old Testament as a sequence of events, concepts, and theological principles. It traces the creation of the world, the history of the Hebrew nation, and the poetry and prophecies of the Old Testament.

BIBL 3356 Survey of the New Testament 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: BIBL 2355
This course presents the biblical New Testament as it traces the development of the Christian faith from the birth of Jesus Christ. It includes a review of each New Testament book for its historical, theological, and contemporary significance.

COMM 3780 Communicating Christian Faith 3 Credit Hours
The practices of expressing individual faith and apologetics defending the faith are explored. Key topics include the case for faith, applications of practical faith, and keeping faith in the face of hardship and pain.

YPAS 3355 The Sociology of Youth 3 Credit Hours
This course explores adolescent sociology from a biblical perspective. Human growth from early adolescence to early adulthood is emphasized.

YPAS 3455 Current Issues in Youth Ministry 3 Credit Hours
This course investigates key issues facing youth pastors. Key topics include contemporary youth culture movements, challenges to youth ministry, and the foundations of ministry in the face of a hostile or indifferent age.

YPAS 3890 The Young Minister: A Study of Timothy 3 Credit Hours
The life and early career of Timothy are examined via historical documentation, especially the Pauline letters. Timothy's role as a young minister in an isolated, secular age form the basis of timeless youth ministry principles.

MINN 4355 The Touch of Christ: Ministering to the Broken 3 Credit Hours
This course emphasizes Christ's mission to touch the untouchable and to love the unlovely. Key topics focus on ministry response to substance abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, poverty, homelessness and physical deprivation, and cross-cultural and interfaith ministry.

YPAS 4596 Organizing Youth Ministry 3 Credit Hours
This course provides an overview of organizational strategies for youth ministry. Key topics include staffing the youth ministry, special challenges of the youth pastor staff, turnover in youth ministry, and developing a biblical mindset for growth in youth ministry.

YPAS 4611 Strategies for Youth Evangelism 3 Credit Hours
In this course, learners will work on faculty-guided projects to develop and execute strategies for youth evangelism in an appropriate setting.

YPAS 4923 Urban Youth Ministry 3 Credit Hours
The youth pastor's role in urban ministry is investigated. The unique inner city environment faced by urban youths and their reactions to it are emphasized.

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