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Printable Application

Undergraduate Application for Admission to Ames Christian University
Application Fee: $20
Printable Version. Please print this form, complete it,  then
mail or fax it to us, along with your application fee.

Information About You

Name (First, Last) _____________________________________________________________________

Street Address _____________________________________________________________________

Apartment or Unit _____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________________________
(or Province, Postal Code)

Country _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone _____________________________________________________________________
(Include area or country code)

Email Address _____________________________________________________________________

Your Native Language __________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth (Y/M/D) __________________________________________________________________

Your Previous Education
Include Name of School, Diploma or Degree received. In case of colleges attended without graduation, indicate school name, dates of attendance, and number of credit hours completed.

Be sure to have an official, Registrar-sealed transcript sent to Ames Christian University from each school you have attended. Contact the school's Records Office to obtain your official transcript. You will need to send them our address , an official signed request, and their transcript fee.

Enrollment Information

I intend to pursue the:
_____Bachelor of Christian Arts degree
_____Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree

My Major Concentration will be: (Please Check One)

Christian Doctrine _____

Christian Education _____

Digital Media Ministry _____

Enterprise and Ethics _____

Global Relief Ministry _____

Ministry Leadership _____

Postmodern Theology _____

Youth Pastor _____

Will you be submitting a Personal Learning Portfolio, in order to earn credit from your past work and life learning experiences? (Recommended only for learners 30 years of age and older. Open to all ages.)
(Personal Profile Development Fee: $450.00. Payable after admission, but before Profile materials are sent.

Yes, I will be submitting a Personal Learning Profile _____

No, I will not be submitting a Personal Learning Profile _____

Application Submission:

Please send or fax your application to us along with your $20 application fee. You may send cash, money order check (payable to Ames Christian University) or your credit card number. We will process your application upon receipt of your application fee.

Send to:

Ames Christian University
4280 Tamiami Trail East, 302-F
Naples, FL 34112
FAX: 239.793.5255


I certify that the information provided here is true to the best of my knowledge. By signing and sending this application, I agree that I am applying for admission to Ames Christian University.


Parent Signature (If under 18)

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