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MEd in Christian Education

Masters of Education (MEd) in Christian Education, Strategy and Policy
MEd Courses
MEd Graduation Requirements

About the Degree
The Ames Christian University Masters of Education is a specialized degree designed for those who wish to make an impact on educational systems at a strategic level. The program focuses on the effectiveness of education in various social settings, challenges to educational systems, and effective remedies to those challenges.

Learners in the MEd program may come from all walks of life, with a variety of life and work experiences. They should share with Ames Christian University an abiding desire to improve education strategy and policy for the benefit of our society. They should also share with Ames Christian University an openness to educational innovations combined with a desire to achieve educational excellence at a system level.

Program Structure
The Ames Christian MEd program is a structured 36 credit hour sequence of courses and a capstone project. Course content ranges from broad overviews of strategic and policy development issues to very focused insights into educational innovation.

All courses are delivered online via the Ames Christian University Global Campus, so learners may come from anywhere in the world. Course enrollments are limited to 15 learners per session, so as to enhance the intimacy of the learning experience.

Strategy and Policy Core
Two courses that provide an overview of the strategic operations and policy development processes, as well as an introduction to strategy and policy development in education systems.

Education and Society
A series of courses devoted to in-depth study of education systems, their place in societies, and their effectiveness in operations.

Capstone Project
Learners undertake and extensive applied research project in an area of education strategy and policy that integrates their course work with an application of particular personal interest.


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